Our house

We are the cultural center at Haderner Stern in southwest Munich.


Since June 2016, you will find us under the same roof as the Munich Public Library of Hadern, the Geschichtsverein Hadern e.V. and our sponsoring and responsible organisation, the Münchner Volkshochschule GmbH.

The Guardini90 is developing year by year and we are happy about everyone who is with us.Was The Guardini90 is developing year by year and we are happy about everyone who is with us.

What can you experience with us?

For us it is important to create a lively place in the middle of our diverse neighbourhood in which everyone feels welcome:

people who would like to get involved in the neighbourhood and help shape it. People who would like to experience new things within their immediate surroundings. People who bring their own ideas or projects. People who have only had a few experiences with cultural activities. People who want to meet new people. People who would like to learn something or try something out. And everyone who is just curious.

Our program is created by and together with numerous associations, institutions, initiatives, cultural workers, volunteers and local citizens from Hadern and beyond.

This leads to projects such as the Dialogcafé or Dance for Everybody (“Tanz für Alle”), regular open gatherings such as the Future Workshop (“Zukunftswerkstatt”), or single events such as a theatre for children or interactive workshops.

In our bright rooms, new exhibitions take place regularly, as well as larger events such as the Community Engagement Market (“Markt für Engagement”) or Munich Paints (“München Malt”).

Who’s behind Guardini90?

Each of the more than 33 cultural centres across Munich has a sponsoring organisation. At Guardini90, this important role is taken on by the Münchner Volkshochschule (MVHS), the largest adult education institution in Germany.

For decades, the MVHS has been offering a wide range of educational courses, talks, guided tours and events on site and encourages lifelong learning for all. The MVHS has been active in Hadern since 1976 and moved to its current location at Haderner Stern in 1981.

A small team works on site at Guardini90, supported by volunteers.

We regularly discuss our work with a user committee, which includes the Münchner Volkshochschule (Chair), the Munich Public Library of Hadern, Kultur in Hadern e.V., the Geschichtsverein Hadern e.V., an elected representative of the associations of Hadern and two representatives of the district committee “Bezirksausschuss 20 – Hadern”.

You can find out who else is involved and how you can get involved on this website.

Guardini90 is funded by the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich.


A color photo showing Miriam Worek

Miriam Worek

Project lead

Antonia Heigl

Chair of Guardini90 / Head of the Stadtbereich Süd of the MVHS

A color photo of Barbara Donaubauer, she is leaning against a house wall and smiling into the camera

Barbara Donaubauer

Project Coordination for Civic Engagement / Gua90

Our caretaker Safet looks into the camera


technical caretaker in Guardini90